Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On the Horizon

I've been busy, and not just the usual busy of juggling work and training with my personal life and my not-so-secret love for video games. I've been my favorite kind of busy: busy building, busy creating, busy putting things together that make me excited to write and share. You will be hearing a lot more about these projects soon, but I wanted to give you a preview.

  • The Cauliflower Chronicles. I am releasing a new edition of The Cauliflower Chronicles.This edition will feature new cover art, new illustrations, and the addition of author commentary. For each chapter in the book, the new edition will include a brief reflection added at the end. Since so much of the book is about learning about myself and about jiu-jitsu, I wanted to provide a perspective that encapsulates what I've learned since those days in Hilo, how I've changed, and how my thinking has evolved in the time between 21 and 27, between white belt and purple belt.
  • Precision Social Media. Having worked with a range of clients in a variety of industries, I have started to see commonalities in misconceptions as well as challenges, and these hurdles are complicated by a wealth of misinformation spread by consultants that want to make a load of money managing social media accounts. In the first volume of this e-book series, I run through the no-nonsense basics of picking and managing a social platform whether you are a small business or an international corporation.
  • White Belt Problems. If you haven't been following my work with Artechoke Media (you should be!), you might have missed the launch of White Belt Problems. White Belt Problems aims to make it easier for white belts to start and stick-with jiu-jitsu by answering every question they are likely to have about the sport, from getting started to what gi to buy. The book exists both as a free wiki and as a paperback so that you can share it as a quick URL or make the gift of jiu-jitsu more meaningful with a physical book. Read White Belt Problems today.
  • Gym Owner Support. With the Artechoke Instructor of the Year contest behind us, I have been thinking more deeply about what it means to support the organic growth of jiu-jitsu, so in the next few weeks we are going to unveil a pilot program designed to support instructors so that they can spend more time on the mat teaching and less time fiddling with the back-end of their business. This won't be a full release at first, so be on the lookout for the announcement that we are accepting applicants.
As always, I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to do the work that I do. Thank you for your support, and thank you for your valuable feedback.

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