Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reilly Bodycomb's Sambo Wrestling Now On iPad

I met Reilly Bodycomb through, an online technique community where I was Editor-in-Chief for some time. Reilly has earned a lot of attention for his entertaining competition highlights, which feature him rolling and diving and hopscotching into heel hooks, kneebars, ankle locks, and toe holds. Capitalizing on that exposure, Reilly has also proven himself to be an excellent instructor and has given seminars around the world.

Late in 2011, Reilly contacted me to discuss a book idea that he had. I shared with him what I knew about publishing and did what I could to help him navigate the self-publishing process. When Reilly asked me to edit the book, I was honored and also excited by the chance to see the guts of the book before anyone else. Reilly came out the other end with a polished book that looks better than the products coming from traditional publishing houses. Not only is the photography outstanding, but as a jiu-jiteiro I learned a great deal about Sambo and now get a lot more out of watching Sambo footage or out of talking with Sambo practitioners.

I am admittedly biased in my recommendation of Reilly's because I did some of the editing, but I think that most grapplers would enjoy this exploration of Sambo. It's available in print from Amazon and is also available as an iPad app, which I recommend because of the quality of the photography.

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