Friday, March 2, 2012

Progress Report and Technique of the Month

On Wednesday, I met with my orthopedic surgeon for what I hope will be my last visit.  Now five months out from surgery and after three months of physical therapy, I can kneel on my right knee without pain, and the strength of my right leg is now equal to the strength of my left leg.  Though my range of my motion is near normal levels, maintaining an extreme bend, where my heel is touching my butt, is difficult.  The joint tenses, and straightening my leg again can be painful, depending upon how long I leave it bent.

My orthopedist also warned me that my menisci (plural of meniscus, I think), are most vulnerable to tearing when I attempt to move my leg while it is touching my butt, so I should be especially careful of fighting from turtle or making any dramatic motions from a squatted position.  Each month will increase the integrity of my joint and decrease the likelihood of a new tear, so I am going to play it safe and protect my knees.

Also, you should check out r/BJJ's revamped Technique of the Month.  My friend Matt from is directing, and I plan to contribute four technique videos for each month.  This month is "Mad Flow" month, and will launch Monday, March 4.
Week 1: Guard Passes into Submissions
Week 2: Sweeps into Submissions
Week 3: Submissions into Submissions
Week 4: Escapes into Submissions
There are a lot of talented grapplers posting on r/BJJ, and I highly recommend reading and participating in Technique of the Month.  There is much to be learned.  For an idea of what future topics will look like, check out Matt's thread on the subject on r/BJJ.

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