Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 Jiu-Jitsu Blogs That You Should Follow

The internet has changed the way we train jiu-jitsu.  When jiu-jitsu and MMA were in their infancy, VHS tapes and out-of-print martial arts books circulated between friends.  Bootleg copies of tournaments and of seminars were priceless artifacts, and a seminar given by a visiting instructor was often the only way that a grappler could communicate with an instructor other than his own.  Now, thanks to the internet and to YouTube, a wealth of jiu-jitsu knowledge is a few clicks away.  With the explosive growth of the sport has come an explosive growth of content, and not all of it is worth your time.  To save you some trouble, here are 10 blogs, in no particular order, that are worth reading.

Aesopian.  Matt Kirtley, the author of Aesopian, is a well-known jiu-jitsu blogger that provides insights into training and into the industry as a whole.  I stumbled upon his site a few years ago when I was researching brabo chokes, and I've been a fan ever since.

Grapple Arts.  Stephan Kesting has been blogging for a long time and has produced a slew of underrated instructional DVDs.  Kesting is great at simplifying concepts and at explaining key technical details.

BJJ Globetrotter.  Christian Graugart is living the dream, traveling the world and training jiu-jitsu.  He's a talented, likable guy, and his insights into jiu-jitsu culture are truly unique.

The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory.  This blog is in a vein similar to that of Aesopian: a jiu-jitsu nerd uses a blog to explore technique and theory.  It's a great read.

Slideyfoot.  I had not heard of Slideyfoot's blog until I became a subscriber of r/bjj (another great jiu-jitsu community).  While Slideyfoot's blog is often a diary of his training and teaching, he does a great job of structuring his content to benefit a reader that does not know or train with him personally.

Gracie Magazine.  Gracie Magazine has its fingers on the pulse of jiu-jitsu culture, making it a great place to pick up training tips and to stay up to date on jiu-jitsu news.

ADCC News.  Kid Peligro is a legend in the sport, and he heads the staff at the ADCC News blog, a great resource for tournament and fight news.

The Grappling Dummy.  Somehow, the Grappling Dummy is always digging up rare grappling videos and providing insightful commentary.

The Fightworks Podcast.  The guys at the Fightworks Podcast have been producing the best jiu-jitsu podcast available for a few years now.  It's not your traditional written blog, but they frequently interview the greats of the sport, making it a great resource for jiu-jitsu knowledge.

Science of Skill.  This blog was a recent discovery for me, and I wish I had found it sooner.  The theory and research behind each post is a jiu-jitsu nerd's paradise.

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