Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Cauliflower Chronicles Audio Book

I have been laid up with a knee injury, and with far too much extra time to think about my life, I realized that I still own the audio rights to the Cauliflower Chronicles. My readers have been very good to me, so I am giving the audio version of the book away for free.

This way, if you want to share the book with a friend, you can give them the mp3s, or if you want something to entertain you on your commute you can burn the files to a CD. I am releasing these files under a creative commons license. You can share and copy them as much as you want.

I will be releasing two or three chapters every Monday, and I will be releasing bonus content once the entirety of the book is uploaded.

Be kind. This is my first time recording an audio book, and my stutter comes back to haunt me from time to time.

Right click the link and "save as" to download the mp3 of chapters one and two: Chapter 1: Broken Bones and Chapter 2: No Rain - No Rainbow.

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