Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 Jiu-Jitsu Blogs That You Should Follow

The internet has changed the way we train jiu-jitsu.  When jiu-jitsu and MMA were in their infancy, VHS tapes and out-of-print martial arts books circulated between friends.  Bootleg copies of tournaments and of seminars were priceless artifacts, and a seminar given by a visiting instructor was often the only way that a grappler could communicate with an instructor other than his own.  Now, thanks to the internet and to YouTube, a wealth of jiu-jitsu knowledge is a few clicks away.  With the explosive growth of the sport has come an explosive growth of content, and not all of it is worth your time.  To save you some trouble, here are 10 blogs, in no particular order, that are worth reading.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recovering from Knee Surgery and Setting Realistic Goals

Three months ago I crouched to pick up a laptop at work.  When I stood—or rather attempted to stand—my right knee cracked and popped and would not straighten or support weight.  My boss was in a meeting at the time, in that very room, so I stumbled as casually as possible to a nearby chair and waited for him to finish.  When the meeting was over, I told him that we had a problem.

“This is going to sound strange, but I think my knee just blew out.”

“You seem very calm for someone who just blew their knee out,” he said.

“Well, yeah.  I can’t stand or straighten it.”

“Again, you seem very calm.  What do we do now?”